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story of a pale elf astarion

Better Experience

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Astarion 01
„We stand in the twilight of two worlds, bound to neither and yet a part of both, and in your gaze I see the reflection of an infinite promise that exists beyond time itself.“
Astarion 02

„I see you, and yet I see myself. I will watch over your dreams so that no harm comes to them.“

Astarion 03

„While you dream, I hunt – an eternal play of light and shadow, hunger and satiety.“

Astarion 04

„The world may be in chaos, but here, in this moment, there is only us.“

Astarion 05

„You look at me and see a handsome guy who hides his innermost feelings as if emotions were a game to be won or lost. But the moment you show me that I don’t have to control them, I reveal the truth lurking behind my carefully constructed smile.“

Astarion 06

Tav: „I hope you know that I am always there for you. I will catch you when you fall. I will hold you and never let you go.“

Astarion 07

„I confess, for a fleeting moment I thought Cazador had broken me for good. Two centuries of torment – more than anyone else here could bear. But now that I am free, the time of reckoning has come – and it will be as merciless as my suffering.“

Astarion 08

„Letting go? That’s not up for debate. Your thoughts, your heart – they will be mine. And this ‚being alone‘? Forget it, we don’t need that.“

Astarion 32

*whispers* „I owe you a lot. When this whole spook is over, expect a flood of gratitude. You are the support in my unsteady existence, the only thing I don’t want to let go of. What we have is a gift.“

Astarion 35

„Darling, I will never, ever leave your side. I promise. You have given me so much, I’m all yours.“

Astarion 36

„Take it easy, darling. One day we’ll be done with this sh*t. And with you by my side, we can become strong together. „

Astarion 39

„Reach for my hand, darling. Let me lead you into a world that only we both understand. You will see that your trust in me is not only justified, but will lead us to unforgettable moments that only the night knows.“

Astarion 40

„If you only knew what goes on inside me every time I look at you… It’s a mixture of desire and admiration that surprises even me. But tell me, would you even want to dance with a spawn like me?“

Astarion 42

„A dance with you, my love, is like a stolen moment of peace, a rare break from my cursed existence.“

Astarion 28

„It’ll hurt just a little bit… I promise“

Astarion 44

„I wish we had found each other sooner, darling. Sitting here with you and talking about trivial things – I like that. Which is not to say that we can’t do… other things, if you know what I mean.“

Astarion 50

„Oh my love, how could I say no?“

Astarion 53

„This… This is new to me. Two hundred years and no one has ever held me like this. Your embrace, it’s… surprisingly beautiful. Something I never knew and now I wouldn’t want to miss it.“

Astarion 43
Astarion 45

„Interesting how close you’ve come to me without even guessing the depths of my thoughts. A dangerous game we’re playing… and I wonder, do you also feel the crackle between us, or am I alone with this sweet desire?“

Astarion 58

“Now let me lose myself in you. That’s what I want.”

Astarion 54

„Every night again, I relive the same horrors that Cazador brought upon me. I wake up and can still feel the cold shackles around my heart.“

Astarion 60

„You should know I trust you. Completely and utterly.“

Astarion 65
Astarion 66

„The game of life has its ironies, doesn’t it? You’re trying to tame your demons, and suddenly you yourself are seized by a sweet curse – you.“

Astarion 70

„Ah, a life worth living? You surprise me, you really do. Imagine living as a shadow for centuries, only to feel a spark of freedom by a strange coincidence. Suddenly the night becomes an ally, not a prison. The sweet nectar of freedom, the ability to choose each day for yourself… that’s what makes this damn existence worth living. The irony? Well, life tastes sweetest when you don’t have it forever.“

Astarion 76

Gentle touches .. close proximity .. careful glances .. the soft breath on the skin .. understanding where words were not spoken .. acceptance and acknowledgement .. drop your soul, no longer resist.

Astarion 81
Astarion 80

“There are days when the ground slips out from under your feet. But there will always be someone there to help you up again, my love.”

Astarion 84

„I… I don’t know. I can’t remember. My face is just some dark shape in my past. Another thing I’ve lost.“ (original)

Astarion 85
Astarion 86

„I hate what I have become. And many hate what they don’t know. I am alone and my tears used up.“

„Near the edge of death. How much I would have liked to have someone by my side. Just to tell me that everything would be okay again.“

Astarion 88

„Why are you looking at me like that, my love? Of course, you put on a wonderful performance when you fought your way through that bunch of enemies. And no, that doesn’t intimidate me in any way… I think…“

Astarion 27

„The world is so much more colorful under the sun. I have missed it.“

„I think that’s enough blood for today… Can we please move on to the more enjoyable things in the evening program?“





„I’ll tell you a story about a vampire spawn whose greatest fear is that this bond will ever break…. Theoretically, of course…“

Astarion 93

“Sleep well, my love. I’ll watch over you.”

„Of course I’m only going to drink a little bit, my dear. I still need you!“